Fabrication Tips For Acrylic Plastic

Posted on: 2 March 2017

If you are the manager of a company that is doing its own acrylic fabrication, you likely want to make sure that this fabrication process is as efficient and successful as possible. Here are some tips for making this happen.

1. Keep the Masking On

Acrylic comes with a layer of masking. You should leave this masking on during the fabrication process as long as you possibly can in order to protect the acrylic from scratches or other signs of physical damage. You may need to remove the masking if you are doing any particularly detailed work, but other than that, you should attempt to leave the masking on. It will also allow your employees to maintain a firmer grip on the acrylic because the masking does not tend to be as slippery as the acrylic, making the overall fabrication process a little bit safer.

2. Make Sure Your Glazing Panels are Perfect

You need to set your glazing panels so that they are able to hold the acrylic plastic at a level where enough depth can be achieved to keep the sheet from deflecting the glaze. If you do not do this, you could increase the overall time it takes for each unit of acrylic fabrication, increasing costs and cutting profits. You also want your glazing panels to be set so that thermal contraction can happen without the acrylic sheet coming disengaged from the panels. This will help keep your employees safe, as well as speed up overall productivity due to a reduction in the number of errors.

3. Don't Skimp on Water

When removing the glaze and other debris, be sure that you are not skimping on the amount of water that you use. You want to be using enough to thoroughly remove the debris without having to scrub or perform any manual motions. This will allow the debris to be removed quickly, without any scratching. Minimizing the scratching that is done to the acrylic sheets will allow you to sell them at a higher price and make it easier for you to avoid having to redo them.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in acrylic fabrication. It might be worth the time and the money to outsource your acrylic fabrication duties so that you can focus on making the rest of your product as high quality as possible, allowing you to increase your sales.