3 Tips For Selecting Extruded Medical Tubing

Posted on: 22 March 2017

Medical tubing is highly regulated to ensure the safety of the equipment. Although regulations are in place for safety reasons, there is still a need to conduct even more research on any tubing your business is considering. To help ensure your tubing meets your needs and is safe to use, here are some tips to help narrow down your choices.  

Know the Raw Materials Composition

The extruded medical tubing you select needs to be traceable. The tubing is composed of various materials, including raw materials. Each one of the components that is used to create the tubing should be traceable back to a manufacturer. Being able to identify the manufacturer of a material that has caused an issue is necessary for protecting your business and clients.  

Some tubing companies manufacture their own materials. Some companies obtain the materials from various manufacturers. Regardless of how the tubing is created, you need to know the breakdown of which materials were created by which manufacturer.  

Research the Temperature Limitations

During use, the durability and efficiency of extruded medical tubing can be impacted by the temperature of any fluids or gases that are passing through it. For instance, if the temperature is higher than the maximum allowed, the tubing could potentially warp or experience leakage. Therefore, it is important to understand the temperature limitations before purchasing.  

In addition to understanding the limitations, you need to know your requirements. You can narrow your medical tubing needs based on the maximum temperature required in your business. Keep in mind that the air temperature in the storage room in which the tubing will be kept can also impact its durability. 

Verify the Tubing's Approval

Before making your final decision on any extruded medical tubing you are considering, take the time to verify that it has been approved by the appropriate government organizations. For instance, the tubing requires approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration before it can be used.  

As an added safety measure, also verify that the tubing and its materials are compliant with the standard within your field. The standards can vary and have an impact on whether or not your business is compliant with the regulations. If there is a doubt about being in compliance, contact the organization responsible for overseeing your particular field.  

By taking these measures, you can ensure the extruded medical tubing is safe and meets the regulations established in your field. 

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