Why You Should Get Your Printed Circuit Boards Packed And Shipped By A PCB Shipping Firm

Posted on: 4 November 2021

Printed circuit boards are obviously sensitive devices and you probably take great care during the production or manufacturing process to make sure each board remains in perfect condition. But if you are not showing that same level of care when it comes time to pack up the board and ship it out to the customer or client, you are still putting your PCB at risk. Here's why you should reach out to a firm that specializes in PCB shipping and let them handle the boards as soon as you are done producing them.

Additional Padding or Cushion to Prevent Damage From Bumps and Shakes

Simply tossing a circuit board into a box and tossing some bubble wrap on top isn't going to get the job done when it comes to protecting the board during shipment. A dedicated PCB specialist will take the time to make sure each board has the cushioning it needs to remain stationary as it travels to its destination. You never know when a delivery vehicle will hit a pothole and you don't want your board to be shifting around in its box when that happens.

Vacuum Sealed Bags and Other Packaging to Prevent Problems From Humidity and Moisture 

Protecting your PCBs requires more than just good cushioning or padding though. The components on the board could also be affected if the board is stored at an extreme temperature or if humidity in the air causes moisture to develop inside the box. PCB shipping firms can get around these issues by using vacuum-sealed bags and special moisture barriers when packing the PCBs in order to ensure that the weather will not affect your product at all no matter what the temperature is outside. If your PCBs are especially high end, you might even want to consider seeking out a PCB shipping firm that can offer climate control every step of the way during the shipping process.

Your Fragile Product Will Actually Be Treated As Such While It's In Transit

The word "fragile" gets marked on a lot of different boxes every day, but sometimes the word can be overlooked by a standard delivery driver. When you use a PCB shipping firm, every employee understands the importance of treating your products with the utmost care. You won't have to worry about your "fragile" product getting mis-sorted and ending up with standard packages because it's likely that every single box that a PCB shipping specialist handles will be treated with the same level of care.

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