Waxed Or Unwaxed? Why This Isn't Just A Question Regarding Dental Floss

Posted on: 15 October 2017

There are so many things in this world that are waxed and unwaxed. Different careers are constantly asking consumers if they want "waxed or unwaxed." Hair removal specialists to dentists ask consumers if they want wax or do not want wax, whether it be hair removal or waxed dental floss. So, that brings you to choosing a candy box design in which to package your sweets and sell them. Do you want waxed or unwaxed? As with dentists and hair removal specialists, there are some very good reasons for choosing one over the other.

Waxed Chocolate Boxes

Waxed chocolate boxes have lids and bottoms that are lightly waxed. Sure, customers might consume a smidgen of the wax on their chocolates, but that more than makes up for not allowing the candy to become firmly stuck to the top or the bottom of the box. The wax allows the candy to release easily from the box so that it can be quickly and easily enjoyed.

Should the candy melt, the wax also prevents the chocolate and various fillings from getting stuck to the thin cardboard of the box. Additionally, a thin layer of wax prevents the natural oils from the butter in the chocolate and fillings from making grease stains. That can be quite unappealing after the box is first opened.

Unwaxed Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate boxes that are not waxed are meant for consumers that might be allergic to the food-grade commercial wax. Not waxing the boxes also means that the chocolates might taste even better because they will not have a slight aftertaste. The wax cannot rub off on the chocolates, should the chocolates melt just a little bit.

Unfortunately, the trade-off is chocolate that could get stuck to the top or bottom of the box. While it could still be pulled from the box, the customer might get a bit of colored paper or cardboard with the chocolate. This is even more likely if the chocolate has melted. Paper and cardboard bits left unwaxed could stick to the chocolate after it has firmed up again.

The Wax Question

There is always the wax question, and the consequences for choosing no wax. If you choose no wax at the salon, you walk out harrier than if you had waxed. If you opt not to wax your car, it comes out of the shop with less shine and eventually a lot of rust. Unwaxed dental floss means the floss may not glide smoothly through your teeth and get stuck. That said, when your candy box manufacturer asks, "Waxed candy box or unwaxed?", you might want to consider the outcomes of your choice.