Three Benefits Of Hiring A First Article Inspection Company

Posted on: 31 May 2022

Anyone in the manufacturing sector knows that the industry is risky. One of the challenges people face is the production of defective products. This issue can lead to losses, and in worst cases, it may lead to bankruptcy. However, if you hire a first article inspection company, you can mitigate these manufacturing challenges. These agencies will evaluate your product and ensure it is safe and meets all the customers' requirements. Furthermore, they will advise you on the areas to improve in your manufacturing process. This blog will highlight the benefits of hiring a first article inspection company. 

They Will Formulate a Plan of Record

One of the benefits of hiring a first article inspection company is that they will help you formulate an accurate Plan of Record (POR). This is a detailed record depicting all the steps followed in a specific production line. For instance, it highlights all the raw materials used during production and the various measurements maintained, such as temperature. Thus, it depicts that your company will meet these requirements when manufacturing other products in the future. Additionally, it gives your customers confidence when acquiring your products because they are certain that they will function the same as the original products. 

They Will Help You Avoid Lawsuits

Lawsuits are common in the manufacturing industry, especially in companies dealing with medical devices and drugs. These litigations can affect your reputation, thus decreasing your customer base. However, hiring a first article inspection company helps avoid costly lawsuits, particularly when your product has injured people. These agencies will take random items from your mass production line and test them to ascertain their safety. For instance, if you are a pacemaker manufacturing company, they will evaluate various pacemakers to ensure they are functioning correctly. Thus, it helps you avoid lawsuits because it prevents a situation whereby many patients are suing your company for manufacturing defective pacemakers. Ultimately, avoiding costly lawsuits prevents you from incurring unnecessary expenses.  

They Will Accurately Assess Your Products

Hiring a first article inspection company gives you an accurate assessment of your products. Several companies have an in-house first article inspection department, but it can be unreliable. For instance, your in-house department may not provide an accurate report to conceal their mistake at the start of the production. However, outsourcing these services from a first article inspection company prevents such biasness. These agencies will be impartial when evaluating your product, thus giving you an accurate report. Furthermore, they will follow the manufacturing standards required without omitting any policy.